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Turismo activo

From Aroi Hotels Group we have the ultimate goal of improving every day, like the hundreds of athletes who visit our region throughout the year to practice their favorite sports. and discover the cultural wonders, and the tremendous tourism of our land. Therefore, we devote a special section to active tourism.

Due to its extravagant geographical location, El Bierzo offers its visitors a huge range of activities for sports and leisure, such as horse riding, paragliding, skiing, sailing, canoeing, and even the great possibility of participating emblematic contests across the nation, such as the 101 peregrinos, la Mountemplaria, la Milla Internacional de la Encina, la San Silvestre Berciana, which is one of the oldest in our country.

Our hotels, which are strategically located, one in the Town Hall Square, the Aroi Bierzo Plaza, in the historic center of the city and the departure and arrival of popular races like the half marathon Nocturna, the Mountemplaria, Aquilianos, and much more.And the Aroi Ponferrada which holds a special place in the heart of the city where significant activities take place such as la Milla Internacional de la Encina, the San Silvestre Berciana, ..

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