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From Aroi Hotels Group we want to present in addition to our region, our products, and we believe that the best known is the wine. Therefore, we devote a section to wine tourism.

1.Geography of El Bierzo
The Shire, with an area of ​​3168.49 km2, is a valley surrounded by Los Ancares, Sierra Caurel, Forestry Aquilianos, Pobladura Sierra and the Sierra de Jistredo, all high altitude, which has a Mediterranean microclimate that allows a milder temperatures than the regions near.

Through it passes the Sil River, main tributary of Minho and empties into the Atlantic Ocean.Adding its mild temperatures and rich basin, makes this Shire, after the virtual disappearance of Mining, with the wine industry and horticultural great importance.

2.Mencia: grape variety
Mencia is the grape variety that has occurred in this district since the Roman Empire, but now are introducing other varieties Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon type.

    Bunches small and compact vines collected over forty years, with thick-skinned fruit with high sugar and low acidity allows the wine made from this variety age better and have a distinctive flavor.

3. Wineries
After the plague of late nineteenth century, many vineyards and wineries were abandoned and gave rise to these lands were cultivated by families and small extension. In the late twentieth resurgence thanks to cooperatives such exploitation and renowned people in this business, they begin to appreciate the variety of grape and the type of wine that originates, and build warehouses, of which wines are born with prestige and global recognition which is Bierzo designation of origin.


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Cuatro Pasos
Cuatro Pasos Bodega 4 Pasos:

Warehouse belonging to Martin Codax Group, located in the town of Cacabelos. Its name originates in finding
4 highly visible footprints of a bear. Their vineyards are located in elevated areas of the Shire and ground
Losada Vinos de finca
Losada Vinos de finca Losada Vinos de Finca:

Winery awarded “ Best Winery of the Year 2011” for the Prizes Verema. Its main feature is the recovery
of vineyards in clay areas and thus taking advantage of this type of soil do their wines them their own
personality and touch.
Casar de Burbia
Casar de Burbia Bodega familiar, cuyos viñedos están situados en Valtuille de Arriba, próximas al Camino de Santiago. A finales de los 80 comenzaron a recuperar cepas antiguas, las cuales están dando sus frutos actualmente dando origen a una elaboración de vinos galardonados con algunos de los mejores premios de prestigio internacional.