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In the development of this site a pack of measures for improving accessibility were taken. This involves a number of advantages like:

  • Provide access to users regardless of their physical condition or environment.
  • Allow access to different user agents.
  • Include clear and well-structured content.
  • Improve navigation and user experience.

Among others we have taken the following measures:

  • Use ofCSS for presentation.
  • Alternative text in images.
  • Links with clear information about the target.
  • Standards from the W3C.
  • Keyboard shortcuts to access the main options.
  • Separation of content and behavior via Unobtrusive JavaScript.
  • Ensure compatibility with JavaScript disabled.

The pages of this website meet level AA as the Norma UNE 139803:2004 and Accesibility Guidelines for Web Content 1.0 from W3C. All requirements of Level 1 y level 2 has been checked via manual analysis of accessibility through various semi-automatic tools, user agents and assistive technologies by a team of analysts and consultants in accessibility.

This website has the following keyboard shortcuts:

  • Keyboard shortcut 0 - Accesibility.
  • Keyboard shortcut 1 - Home.
  • Keyboard shortcut 2 - Web Map.
  • Keyboard shortcut 3 - Contact.
  • Keyboard shortcut 4 - Legal notice.
  • Keyboard shortcut 5 - Privacy policy.
  • Keyboard shortcut 6 - Access to main content.
  • Keyboard shortcut 7 - Access to submenu.

The way that the access keys are used is determined by the browser:

  • Internet Explorer: ALT + shortcut + ENTER
  • Firefox: ALT + CAPS + shortcut
  • Opera: CAPS + ESC + shortcut

Any complaints, queries or suggestions to improve the accessibility of this site may be channeled through the mail